Client-Centric Approach

Summerhill continually strives to be the premiere service provider to our clients. This goal is the driving force behind all of our endeavours, especially in how we address our utility clients’ program needs.

The DSM service industry at large often takes the approach that they know best how to deliver programs and often fail to properly capture the client’s perspective on the programs in which they have already invested a great deal of time and energy.

Summerhill’s approach is to first pursue our client’s perspective through an in-depth discovery process that seeks to understand:

  • Historical delivery hurdles
  • Perceived program barriers
  • Our client’s ideal delivery solution
  • Our client’s reason for offering the program

We then leverage this information in designing new programs: whether in response to a Request for Proposal, or when our clients come to us to innovate on their behalf. This approach ensures our programs a perfectly aligned with client expectations and truly becomes the program they intended.