Program Design & Implementation

Once we have implemented our Client-Centric Approach to discovering our client’s needs, we are then fully armed with details needed to design a program.

Summerhill’s design process is another area where we outshine the competition. Rather than try to tweak the edges of a legacy delivery model, our approach is to work from the ground up to deliver a custom program design that fully delivers on client expectations. This process drives us to ask the following key fundamental questions when designing and executing programs.

  • What core competencies does Summerhill bring to the table?
  • What new techniques or methods have been introduced that would improve:
    • program cost-effectiveness;
    • Summerhill’s core capabilities;
    • customer engagement;
    • customer experience; and
    • legacy program model performance?
  • How do we incorporate new methods and partners in the most cost-effective way?
  • Do we rely on legacy program models or are there new techniques that allow for a completely new program offering that leads to next-generation program designs and strategies?
  • What is the quantified impact on cost-effectiveness?

This approach keeps us actively engaged in evaluating an ever evolving industry as new companies come on scene with revolutionary ideas and approaches, and helps us guide our clients to what’s next instead of recommending the status quo. We feel it is our responsibility to our clients and our industry to be on the forefront of evaluating these ideas in order to drive innovation, and we are the perfect company to do it.

As a turnkey implementer, Summerhill understands the various “moving parts” of a program. Often, new companies have a very limited view of the value of their service on an overall program, or portfolio. However, Summerhill has the ability to determine how it is best incorporated into a broader program strategy to maximize its efficacy.

Our competitors often seek to either acquire or replicate new ideas. The fundamental flaw in this approach is that the unique idea becomes diluted when absorbed into a larger firm or “recreated” without clear understanding of the techniques involved. Summerhill’s approach allows the unique idea to remain unique and function as intended within the framework of the program we are implementing. This ensures our clients and our industry are served better by the innovators that continue to propel it forward.

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