The commercial sector is the primary source for larger energy savings for utilities.

Summerhill still takes a customer-centered approach to simplify and streamline participation in order to remove all barriers and make it easier for businesses to apply. We use a targeted sales approach to identify segment needs and deliver program messaging cost-effectively via established channels such as trade allies.



Tenant Engagement for Building Owners and Property Managers
Tenant behaviour can be a decisive factor in affecting a building’s efficiency and performance. Summerhill has had great success in designing, facilitating and implementing tenant engagement programs that are interesting and effective. Our approach connects the building owner/manager and tenants as partners in the project to achieve higher levels of performance.  


Sector-Specific Programs (hospitality, schools, etc.)
Energy efficiency is an important consideration for a small to medium-sized business, but they do not always have the resources to address anything beyond emergency issues. Summerhill works with businesses in the commercial sector, such as restaurants and hotels, strategically advising them on appropriate energy efficiency incentives available from the local utilities as well as networks and strategies to plan and execute energy efficient retrofits.


Residential New Construction
Summerhill works with builders on their terms, in the ways they prefer to operate, and by engaging their home energy raters, we have helped to turn a little known program into a significant market success story.


Roving Energy Management
By focusing on the needs of customers, for information, access, and support, Summerhill is bringing the key account program support experience to medium and even smaller-sized businesses. Our team is able to bring program and industry knowledge to support application development, project design, and business case development for businesses that are smaller or medium-sized.


Lead Generation
Traditional utility customer data is no longer sufficient to tailor conservation outreach and application lead generation. Summerhill works to improve these data-sets and engage customers on the range of options available to support their conservation efforts. The result is a working database of customers and a plethora of new applicant leads.