Summerhill has a long history delivering residential customer-facing energy efficiency programs, including retail lighting exchange events, the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes program, and direct install measures in homes across Canada.

With the changes in consumer attitudes and behaviours, utilities now must understand and engage customers in new ways. Summerhill develops new ideas and innovative approaches to help our clients achieve their targets and customer satisfaction.



Customer/Community Engagement Programs
Summerhill creates engagement strategies to reach target audiences and drive energy efficient choices. Summerhill in-field staff connect with customers at community events, retail stores and on the street. Our community ambassadors are trained on customer segmentation and consumer engagement techniques to ensure a consistent and effective message to the consumer.


Retail Programs
Summerhill is an innovator in the design and delivery of utility-driven retail programs. We are the implementation partner for Saskatchewan Power, Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, Efficiency Nova Scotia and the Independent Electricity System Operator.


Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURB) Direct Install Programs
The MURB direct install program introduces tenants and property owners/managers to the benefits of energy efficiency by installing free, low-cost conservation measures. Summerhill engages property owners/managers, who then open the door for our trained representatives to install products and educate residents on energy efficient behaviours. Summerhill ensures results are monitored through custom quality assurance systems based on meeting client needs. Where feasible, Summerhill will engage residents and cross-promote other approved energy efficiency programs.  


Rural and Remote Community Programs
Uniquely, Summerhill has developed a proven capability to design and deliver programs that meet the needs of isolated communities across Canada. Our efforts focus on community-based capacity building (hiring and training local installers) and community knowledge development. We also develop data tracking and quality control auditing tools specifically suited to assessing remote program impact.


Appliance Retirement Programs
Summerhill has developed and implemented a range of appliance exchange, collection and recycling programs, including programs for: room air conditioners, microwaves and refrigerators. Building off our strong retail sector relationships, we have been able to cost-effectively engage consumers at in-store events to educate and influence consumer decision making.


Innovation Pilot Programs
Summerhill strives to bring fresh ideas, concepts and pilot projects to utilities, retailers and manufacturers. It is no easy task to develop next generation conservation strategies, but we have the experience and customer-centred analytics to continue to improve approaches to the market.